Hotel Promotional Video Services

Our passion is creative, modern filmmaking. We love the entire process from conception to delivery. We get to create engaging videos with great people at some of the most interesting places.

Smitten Studios creates captivating promotional videos that are engaging. We give a glimpse into your hotel’s experience. We create a visual expression of your hotel culture, which is something pictures simply cannot do.

Instead of calling them promotional videos, we refer to them as Brand Stories…because that is what we are conveying, which is the unique brand that is your hotel. At Smitten Studios, we take a unique docu-cinematic approach. We know every property has an individual story to tell. We don’t just simply show the rooms and lobby with some cool music in the background. We include movement, guest experience, friendly service, recreation, and we put it all together in a way that stirs emotions and takes you into that unique experience.

As a full production company, we understand the logistics involved in creating an engaging film. Our collective experience allows us to adapt to each project and create something new and individual. Smitten Studios sees each project as a new venture, and we approach it as such.

We shoot in a style that fits your hotel’s culture.

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