Motion Graphics and Animation

From illustrating the whimsical to explaining a procedure, Smitten Productions uses motion graphics and animation to display images and text for television programs and commercials, promotional videos, and movies.

Smitten Productions believes that animation has limitless possibilities for your business!

We provide animation for commercials and short films. Our love of this process and the innovation involved allows us to create amazing pieces. We fuse handcrafted artistry with cutting-edge technology and breathe life into everyday objects, transforming them into dynamic souls with vitality, spirit and emotion.

As artists, we’re inspired by the world of animation, which includes stop-motion, 2D, CG, Flash and motion graphics. If your company wants to connect with potential customers, animation offers several benefits. Of course, it’s fun to watch, but it’s powerful too. Animation, combined with sound or text, makes it easier to explain difficult concepts. Audiences can recall the message you’ve delivered through animation because it’s familiar and accessible.

Professional graphics, a well-crafted script, and genuine characters make our animation projects memorable. We want to share our passion with those who love to tell amazing stories using our professional motion graphics and animation services! Call Smitten Productions today to bring your story to life.