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How Contractors are Making the Most of Video Marketing

December 8, 2020

Video has been a staple in small business marketing for many years. Offering a cost-effective way to present your brand to potential customers to build trust, boost sales, and enhance their mobile experience.

Contractors can use video marketing in a variety of unique ways to benefit their business. At Smitten Studios, we’ve put together some tips on how you can get the most of video marketing.

Tips for Getting Started

Getting started can be inexpensive. Handheld cameras are available at budget-friendly prices and are perfect for taking video on your job site. Another great feature of cameras like this is you can shoot the video and then upload it directly onto YouTube.

You do not need much experience to operate a handheld camera. Another benefit is that YouTube is free for you to use, making for a great way to get started with essential video marketing. These videos of your job site and operations allow you to show customers what it’s like to do business with your construction company.

Editing and Videos Players to Lighten Your Workload

There are various editing tools on YouTube that you can use to edit your raw footage and polish it for customers to view. YouTube also offers tips on how you can optimize your marketing videos on your site.

Suppose you want to go beyond the basic editing capabilities of YouTube. In that case, you can purchase a variety of tools that have more in-depth editing capabilities you can explore, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

After you have posted your video on YouTube, you will also be able to utilize an embeddable video player, which will give you the ability to publish your marketing videos on your website. When you post the video to your site, there will be a small screen where visitors can click play and view your marketing video directly on your site.

Using the snippet of video code generated by YouTube, you can also use your marketing videos in your social media posts, blogs, or any other web-based platform you may use for your business. YouTube’s player creation tool also allows you to optimize your videos for search engines by including titles, ratings, descriptions, and comments related to your video.

Tracking Your Analytics and SEO

Once your videos have been optimized for Google, you will be able to analyze your marketing videos’ performance with the free tool called YouTube Analytics. This service will provide you with a detailed map of where your videos’ views are coming from. This feature can also show you how people came across your videos based on the search term they used.

This tool can also help you refine your marketing showing you the age and gender of your audience and how many times they have commented or rated your videos, and much more! To get the most out of this feature, be sure to use keywords in your video titles and descriptions.

Need Some Help Getting Started?

If you’re unsure where to start, Smitten Studios can help! We provide comprehensive construction video services, providing you with an impactful and effective way to show your target audience what your company is all about.

We can help you put together a corporate culture video to show your teams, leadership, and mission and help you create content showing project overview, time-lapse footage, demolition project, customer testimonials, and more.

With our variety of special photography techniques, we can cover a wide range of construction and earthmoving jobs. From ground footage to aerial videography, Smitten Studios can show off your construction company from every angle. Contact us to learn more about our professional construction video services.

We were extremely impressed and pleased with the thoroughness and professionalism of Mike Smith and his team at Smitten Productions. The final product was creative, first class and far exceeded our expectations.

Cliff McNary
Managing Director, Fusion Investment Group, LLC

Mike’s enthusiasm and experience have been instrumental in delivering exceptional video solutions to many of our clients. I can’t recommend Smitten Productions highly enough.

Bryan Ward
Chief Strategy Officer, Zoltun