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Why Corporate Video Marketing is the Way to Go

December 8, 2020

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business. At Smitten Studios, we continue to see rapid growth in corporate video due to the many benefits it can bring to your business. From boosting sales to a great ROI, video has endless benefits as a marketing tool for your business. Some of the top reasons you should add corporate video to your marketing plan include:

Builds Trusts with Consumers

As a business owner, you know potential customers are more likely to buy from someone they trust. Establishing trust provides you with a solid foundation for your conversions and sales and helps you form long-lasting relationships with customers in the long run.

Video helps you shift from just selling to drawing customers in with intriguing and useful information while also providing them with the reassurance that they can trust you. It is an effective way to spark emotion and engage your audience. With promotional videos, you can help cut through consumer skepticism and present your products and services in a relatable and conversational manner that customers can relate to.

This more individualized approach makes customers feel like you are speaking to them, rather than just selling to them, which gives them more confidence to make a purchase.

Boosts Your Conversions and Sales

Videos are known to be a serious moneymaker for businesses. When you, for example, add a video to a landing page on your site, you can typically increase your conversions by roughly 80%. The team at Smitten Studios has the expertise to ensure that your video will work to engage customers no matter which way you decide to utilize it.

Videos that explain products or services to customers have been shown to lead directly to sales. Studies have demonstrated that 74% percent of users who watched videos that explained products or services converted to customers.

With vision being our most dominant sense, and with videos being an easy way to consume information, video is a very effective way to boost engagement with users and convert them into customers.

Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile is king with many users. As websites are adapting to become more mobile-friendly, adding video is a great way to appeal to the many mobile users out there searching for your products and services. Studies show that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. Video consumption rates continue to rise every year, meaning your video audience is only growing year after year.

As mobile video continues to grow, it is important to keep your brand on the cutting edge to ensure users get the best personal experience on their smartphones by providing them with great choices in video content.

Video has a Good ROI

You work hard for your money, so when you make an investment, you want to make sure that you are going to get a good return on it. While video is not the easiest or cheapest marketing tactic, it has a major pay off with 83% of businesses saying they have received a great return on investment with video.

With video, you do not have to get hung up on making a Hollywood production. Your focus for your corporate video should be the content. The video does not have to be perfect, but to engage users and convert them, the video needs to have quality content that clearly explains your services or products.

Corporate Video Services in Pittsburgh

From professional marketing videos and training videos to web videos, Smitten Studios has you covered! Our corporate video services provide you with the tools you need to create effective marketing videos that will engage users and boost sales.

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We were extremely impressed and pleased with the thoroughness and professionalism of Mike Smith and his team at Smitten Productions. The final product was creative, first class and far exceeded our expectations.

Cliff McNary
Managing Director, Fusion Investment Group, LLC

Mike’s enthusiasm and experience have been instrumental in delivering exceptional video solutions to many of our clients. I can’t recommend Smitten Productions highly enough.

Bryan Ward
Chief Strategy Officer, Zoltun